Why zoc?


Extensive Background


The principal of ZOC, Ralph Goldsilver, MBA, CPA, CA, has more than 40 years of experience in the Corporate Finance field. While many practitioners concentrate on either M&A, Financing or Transaction Advisory, Ralph has developed an expertise in all three areas over his years of practice. In addition to creating the Corporate Finance practice for MNP in Eastern Canada, Ralph started the first non-Big 4 dedicated Due Diligence/Quality of Earnings practice in Canada. He also started the Technology practice at MNP in 2010. For 10 years, Ralph was a director of the Canadian Venture Capital Association, the primary Association for Private Equity and Venture Capital professionals in Canada. He is also a Past Board Member and President of the Association for Corporate Growth, Toronto. Over his career he has been involved in numerous transactions covering the range of services noted above, and with a range of values from negative (for distressed businesses) to  $200 million of Enterprise Value. 


Getting To The Finish Line


Every transaction has its own road map with many obstacles along the way  to the finish line. With any transaction, there are at least one or two points in time when it seems like the transaction will not close. Ralph has a proven record of keeping the frustration and aggravation level low for the entrepreneur, getting the transaction to the finish line, all while  protecting the exposure of his clients. 


Practicality and Deal Strategics

One of common reasons transactions fail is that people get caught up with minor details of a deal. One needs an advisor who can step back and determine the relevancy and the strategic alternatives to solve one or more issues. There are also issues that need to be negotiated, and others where one needs to stand firm. Being able to distinguish between the two and provide the basis to go forward with the deal is what distinguishes Ralph from others. Ralph has a proven ability to help the Entrepreneur stand back from the minutiae and see the transaction as a whole.  


Knowing Where the Money Is

 Ralph does not subscribe to the shotgun approach of either fund raising or divesting of a business. Based on his knowledge, reputation and contact base, he can be more direct in sourcing the appropriate Buyer or Funder. Ralph has worked for many financial institutions and private equity and venture capital firms, and has developed a long-standing network and reputation. He can get through to the right people where others cannot, shortening the time required to get to the appropriate people.


Reputation and Contacts

Ralph has developed a reputation as a hard worker who is practical, can see the issues, and knows how to get a deal closed. There are two sides to every deal, and both sides want to ensure that money, time and effort are not wasted. Ralph has such a reputation. As a result of his due diligence background, Ralph has been retained by many Private Equity Groups and individual investors and funders in Toronto to assist with their acquisition or financing. This has contributed greatly to his reputation and has enabled him to develop contacts within the Canadian Corporate Finance industry. 


Due Diligence Expertise

Ralph’s due diligence experience has not only enabled him to build strong relationships; it has also allowed him to better understand the needs, structure and nuances of funders and buyers. It has assisted him in understanding how an issue discovered in the due diligence process - which some may consider too detrimental to get to a closing - can be overcome and, with some adjustment, to get the deal over the finish line. 


Deal Size

Ralph works in a niche in the market that is not well covered by Corporate Finance professionals. While most seasoned professionals will not represent smaller deals, Ralph is passionate about helping to facilitate smaller transactions while providing the same level of service that he has done for all of his professional life.